1931- 2021 A History of Mount Olive Lutheran Church – Sources


The Worship Bulletin and History from the 75th Anniversary of Mount Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church, April 19-20, 2008.

Recipes and Remembrances – A collection by Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Morris Press Cookbooks, 2004.

History of Land Purchases – Research by Hal Hoffman, 2000.

Mount Evangelical Lutheran Church: An Historical Setting for Ministry, Prepared for the Essie Sons Circle, Lutheran Womens Missionary League, October 6, 1987. (Note: the word Olive was not in the title nor was there an apostrophe in Womens.)

S.C. Mother Church Marks Golden Jubilee, press release, Marilyn Brabham, 1982.

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church to mark 50th, Columbia Newspapers, Inc., Tom McLaughlin, Staff Writer, 1982.

The Worship Bulletin from the 50th Anniversary of Mount Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church, June 27, 1982.

Condensed History of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church of the Southeastern District – Missouri Synod, prepared by James H. Shealy, Sr., Charter Member and Marilyn M. Brabham, Homecoming Committee Chairman, circa 1966.

Rededication in Irmo, S.C., October 27, 1963, The Southeastern District News, January 7, 1964, No. 1.

Rededication, The LCMS News, Vol. LXII, St. Louis, MO., circa 1964.

Mount Olive Church at Irmo Has 10th Anniversary Today, The State Newspaper, August 29, 1943.


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